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I am so incredibly grateful for my life’s experiences; they have taken me on a journey that has led me exactly where I was meant to be. Born in Hong Kong, I gradually moved east, living in various spots across Europe and South America before settling permanently in Chicago at age 16. My early exposure to different peoples and exotic cultures helped me grow and become adept at communicating with all types of personalities.

After college, I spent 15 years as a successful educator, school principal, and superintendent in the city of Chicago. While I always had a love and natural curiosity for homes and unique living spaces due to my somewhat nomadic childhood, it was here in the city that my true love for real estate took root. It was my responsibility to work with investors and contractors, touring empty factories and industrial buildings in order to determine which would make ideal future schools and learning spaces.

My love of teaching –– along with my eye for detail and ability to provide structure –– afforded me great success in this role. But too much time away from my wife and daughters led me to take those same skills and apply them to an industry that has become more of a calling than a career. As a real estate agent, I am focused on providing exceptional customer service to my clients. And as a husband and father, I am focused on building a strong positive community for my friends and my family.

Anik Zampini is one of the hardest working people I know, who puts everything on the line for his clients. I had the pleasure of meeting Anik at an open house he was hosting. I was immediately impressed with his polish and knowledge of market, so I agreed to a day of showing with him despite  already having a positive relationship with an agent who had found and helped me close on my first property. As much as I appreciated my initial agent, the quality of service and expertise that Anik provided was beyond 10x greater and he became my go-to resource. Anik patiently worked with my husband and I for over two years, through 3 to 4 drastically different property searches, as we explored our options in home ownership and real estate investment. I am happy to report that we have successfully closed on the home of our dreams with his help, but I am going to miss working with him on a weekly basis. Anik's attention to detail and service oriented approach to all aspects of the home buying process make him an unbelievably rare find in the industry. He doesn't push, or sugar coat the facts - I trust that with Anik I always have the full and risk averse story on a property I am considering. More than that, I couldn't ask for better, more professional or skilled representation when negotiating or dealing with sellers. I will forever recommend Anik to anyone with interest in the real estate market. He is a superior agent, and I will count on his guidance and support through all future real estate transactions.

Lauren Zadina